A new dating show which sees complete strangers meet for the first time to perform a choreographed dance is here and it’s everything we want from a dating show and more. The Channel 4 show, impeccably named ‘Flirty Dancing’, sees singles learn a dance routine as choreographed and taught by Diversity’s Ashley Banjo. Following weeks of practice, the first time they meet is to perform the dance, all of which take place in far-flung romantic locations, such as in picturesque castles, abandoned museums and gorgeous rooftops. A clip from the show, now on its second series, went viral over night because it was so damn pure. The scene came from episode two, in which Garry and Ryan meet to perform their dance to the soundtrack of Lullaby by Paloma Faith – and it’s one of the purest pieces of TV we’ve ever watched. In fact, the show has been so well-received our pals over the pond are planning a US version, with Jenna Dewan hosting and teaching the choreography.

‘Flirty Dancing’ producers tease what to expect from the new dating show

Afterwards, they must decide whether or not they would like a second presumably more loquacious date. The celebrity guests have not yet been announced. You can unsubscribe at any time.

New FOX series ‘Flirty Dancing’ combines dating and choreography. Participants in the new dating show don’t talk to each other. They learn.

Updated: Dec 22, This article was updated on Dec. There’s a new dance show coming to FOX, but it’s a fresh category that has never been seen before in the U. The show is being adapted from the hit U. The premise of the show is curious since it’s uncharted territory in the reality-TV realm. The press release states, “The innovative new series is part performance, part blind date, and all about romantic chemistry. In the show, complete strangers are each taught half of a dance routine, then meet for the first time on a blind date at a breathtaking location, where they will then dance together without saying a word.

In this romantic approach to dating, these singles will push themselves out of their comfort zones in the hope of being swept off their feet, rather than swept to the left or right on a phone. We sure are. Here’s what we know so far about Flirty Dancing. Plot twist? This is a different format from the U. The U.

Love at first dance: ‘Flirty Dancing’ brings new twist to dating

Perhaps that’s because they’re two activities that people feel they must experience in order to enjoy full and satisfying lives. The concept is dangerously simple: two singles are matched up for a blind date, but before they can meet, they must learn a dance routine. Then, in a twist added for American audiences the show is already a hit in the UK , they’ll both repeat the number with a second potential love intererest, and choose the partner with whom they felt the most chemistry.

The in-show rationale for treating human beings this way is that it’s better than dinner and the movies or coffee at a local shop, performing a dance routine is an immediate and intimate way to see if you have chemistry with this person. Which is true. But it’s also the main rationale for the classic teen party game Seven Minutes in Heaven.

Flirty Dancing, a dating show in which romantic hopefuls learn choreography separately and only meet when they perform the routine together.

By Lauren Sarner. The American version of the UK series pairs up singles not through a game show or a challenge, but by having them dance. The catch? They must decide if they want to continue seeing a prospective partner based solely on the vibes they feel while channeling their inner Patrick Swayze. Each episode airing Wednesdays at 8 p. Cue the smoldering eye contact and romantic dips. Contestants run the gamut from ages 21 to 67 — and include everyone from single moms to ad-sales reps.

We wanted to reflect that on-screen. Read Next.

‘Flirty Dancing’: Could a Mt. Angel native find love on the new Fox dating-show?

I don’t want to sound like a Smug Married, but it’s been a long time since I’ve been in the dating game. I’m led to believe it’s quite the hellscape these days. We’ve had the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchises that have chewed up and spat out a slew of romantic hopefuls.

There’s a new dance show coming to FOX, but it’s a fresh category that has never been seen before in the U.S. — a reality dance-dating.

Last year, a clip of the UK version of Flirty Dancing went viral on social media, featuring two men learning a dance and lighting up with some serious chemistry when they meet for the first time. Of course, after that clip blew up in the U. The dance show takes the concept from its UK sibling but gives it a twist: one person learns two different dances for two different pairs, and one lead person picks which one of the remaining two they like better.

Think The Bachelor with more dancing involved. On the other hand, American Flirty Dancing makes it a love triangle, with one person learning two different dances, then performs with two different people. Then, that one person gets to decide which partner they stay with and who goes home. Did we mention that the two partners both go to separate restaurants waiting for the lead dancer, and one gets stood up while the other gets to go on a date?

Who the heck thought this was ok? Behind the scenes, showrunner Mike Urchuk is no stranger to dance competition shows. Anyone who saw the commercials before Christmas were in for a surprise on the change to a more competitive format, as Fox kept that twist secret until about a week before the premiere. The first episode takes on the schoolteacher Octavious and Megan vs.

Everything We Know About Jenna Dewan’s New Reality Dating Series, ‘Flirty Dancing’

Partners in dance — and love In January , the two had extra-exciting news: not only are they engaged, but expecting a baby together this summer, too. So they didn’t technically meet in the ballroom — but it’s how the magic began!

Buckle up folks, there’s a new reality TV dating show that recently premiered, and with just one episode in, fans cannot contain their excitement.

Alex Morrissey could describe his dating life in two words: “Pretty nonexistent. Traveling regularly, a prior relationship ending poorly and being comfortable staying in the safety zone of friendships were among the reasons the year-old said he’s remained single. Morrissey is looking for love on the new Fox blind dating-show “Flirty Dancing. Angel native will be featured on the two-hour season finale Saturday, Jan.

It combines the worlds of dance and dating for a truly unique reality show where singles meet for the first time — never speaking — by performing a choreographed dance together. The United States version, hosted by dancer and actress Jenna Dewan, differs from its British counterpart. Each episode typically features two singles looking for love, and each of them performs two dances with two potential matches. After the single has performed with each person, they must choose who to take on a second date without even knowing their names — no pressure, right?

I feel like I would have gone into it with fear and doubts had I known I was going up against another person,” he said. Long before Morrissey was potentially dancing his way to love, he was dancing in Mt. Angel’s Oktoberfest. Angel,” he said. Morrissey moved to Southern California in and currently works as a high school speaker and leadership trainer. When it comes to a potential partner, Morrissey said he’s looking for a woman with big dreams who is passionate about life and compassionate to those around her.

All Of The ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Cast Members Who’ve Dated Each Other

CR: FOX. Flirty Dancing is coming to FOX. The new reality dating series will mix in some dancing. Jenna Dewan will host the series once it premieres.

About the Show. Complete strangers are taught a dance routine, then meet for the first time on a blind date at a breathtaking location, as they dance.

Ashley Banjo presents a dating show with a difference, but will couples find love through dance? By Kimberley Bond. Each hopeful will learn half a routine, taught by Dancing on Ice judge and Diversity star Ashley Banjo , which they will perform as a couple when they meet for the first time. The social interaction everyone had was going to a dance party, getting a tap on the shoulder and having someone ask you for a dance.

It was down to the producers to play matchmaker and link up hopefuls who they thought would be well-suited in the medium of dance. We spoke at length with people who were hopeful in taking part in the show.

Flirty Dancing

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“Flirty Dancing” is based on a U.K. series of the same name. It combines the worlds of dance and dating for a truly unique reality show where.

How would it feel to be hoisted into the air by a total stranger? One day last fall, Cy Sharp, a single mother and events manager living in Los Angeles, wrapped her mind — and body — around that question while she rehearsed with choreographer Travis Wall. She was learning her half of a duet for Flirty Dancing , a dance-meets-dating reality show that brings couples together for wordless blind dates.

Their very first meeting is a dance. Taking physical risks for love is at the heart of Flirty Dancing, an unabashedly feel-good program that began a six-episode season Sunday on Fox. Modified slightly for U. On both sides of the Atlantic, the general concept is the same: Without speaking, or even knowing each other’s names, two strangers share a choreographed dance — they learn their parts independently in advance — and get to know each other through movement alone.

Dancers: Just Plain Dancin’ – Dating at the Studio – Ep 4