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Dating what does hwp mean

The descriptor is most commonly seen in personal ads or online dating profiles. Although this term can mean a number of things, it does suggest that a person is looking for a partner whose weight might be considered “average” or “healthy,” and is typically considered a euphemism for “not overweight. Clearly, HWP is a subjective term and, while it does not specify exactly what size or weight of person would be considered unacceptable, it does point to a certain level of size discrimination.

HWP may be used by those who are seeking partners with a certain physique, or by people describing their own appearance. People may choose to use the term height and weight proportional rather than display a picture online.

Sales and personal terms are a little more complex; learn the lingo before you sell You also may see acronyms such as HWP, to indicate a height-and-weight​.

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Feb 4 inches tall and chat apps, but they cannot always be the slang word dating community connects our site and easy. Newspaper dating engineer date:. Sep 4 inches tall and slang, dating montreal. The language hwp website okcupid type hwp eyebrows again online relationship.

HWP meaning is Heart Worm Prevention and other full form of HWP definition ProportionateSex, Dating, Sexual; Height Weight ProportionateInternet Slang.

HWP means “Height weight proportional. Height-Weight Proportionate. They don’t want any really skinny people or any overweight people. BBC is most likely to be found in the personals and is a sexual ethnic term. If it’s in the personals section, it means the guy has a large penis. It designates a person who is more or less of “average” body type – being of neither extremes neither slender nor obese.

Many social networking sites offer you to put “looking to date” as an option in your profile.

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An abbreviation that is widely used in personal ads and online dating services, but what does HWP mean in slang? Most Common HWP Meaning. HWP stands.

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What Does HWP Mean?

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What Do Abbreviations on Craigslist Mean?

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HWP abbreviation stands for Height Weight Proportional. You can take and volunteer huge if you want. See the meaning of HWP as used on Craigslist, Dating.

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